Prince William Composite Squadron Emblem

In June 2013, Wing Commander Colonel Covel approved the current squadron patch and emblem design for Prince William Composite Squadron. The new emblem brings forward our squadron motto:

To The Stars.

The emblem's design revives the heraldry of the patch approved by the Wing in 1989. This patch was designed by Lieutenant Colonel B.T. Marking, who was squadron commander at the time.

The essential design of the Prince William Composite Squadron crest emulates a royal coat of arms and is derived heavily from our previously approved crest, updated to reflect current USAF patch guidance. Adopting this style pays tribute to the unit’s namesake, Prince William, the Duke of Cumberland (1721-1765) and to the county in Virginia named for him which is the unit’s home. 

The depiction of a knight’s helmet in the lower sector of the crest reminds us of a heritage of chivalry.

The central feature of the crest is the chevron. Dividing the crest into sectors, it resembles an arrow pointing skyward, and symbolizes the unit’s continuing efforts toward betterment. The checkered pattern of the chevron is reminiscent of the checkered flag marking the end of a race for a triumphant competitor. As a competitive spirit is the cornerstone of Prince William’s strategy for achievement, this pattern is very significant.

Three stars adorn the upper sector of the crest. These, of course, symbolize the three missions of Civil Air Patrol: Aerospace Education, the Cadet Program, and Emergency Services. The combination of the chevron and the stars captures the essence of the unit’s adopted motto: “Ad Astra Per Aspera.” Translated from Latin, this means: “To The Stars We Aspire.” Shortened and translated from Latin, our motto “To The Stars” indicates the high standards expected of Prince William’s members.

The stars also reflect Prince William’s commitment to excellence in all three endeavors. They are patterned after the ancient mariner’s compass rose in the hope that we may never lose our way in the arduous journey toward these lofty goals.

The original squadron crest was based on an orange and gray color scheme. The current colors of the patch are inherited from the CAP emblem and USAF colors. Blue signifies the sky, which is the primary theater for Air Force operations as well as Civil Air Patrol’s underpinning aerospace orientation. Yellow signifies the excellence that is expected of all Civil Air Patrol personnel. The red and white of the chevron signify the boldness and truthfulness which marks our members’ pursuit of excellence.