How to Use the Virginia Wing Exercise Availability Form

Instructions as of March 12, 2019

The Virginia Wing Exercise Availability Form has been created to streamline the process of collecting data on members who are responding to a mission or exercise. The form can be found at the bottom of the home page, Virginia Wing ( A version of the form that is pre-filled with data applicable to VA-102 can be found at the bottom of our home page. Already know how to use it? Click here.

Need a few instructions? Read on!

The form is in beta, so a few things may change. Fill it out as best you can. 

Prince William Composite Squadron members, your unit is VA-102 and our normal staging point is Manassas Regional Airport.

When you get to the Leader and COV/Aircraft fields, use NA unless you've been told that a Ground Team Leader, Urband Direction Finding Team Leader, or Pilot In Command / Mission Pilot has been designated. Ground Teams are a little more flexible since there can be a van full of people on a ground team - Aircrews may need to coordinate with their Mission Pilot to make sure they are part of a crew.

When you get to the "Overnight" field, the instructions vary depending on if you are a cadet or senior member. 

  • Seniors - you are free to select either "yes" answer any time  you want.
  • Cadets - pay close attention to specific instructions that will be issued by our squadron. We may not have the senior member participation required to provide overnight lodging. If you don't know, just select "No" and we'll sort it out later. 

If you run into any other issues with the form, go ahead and complete the form then alert your squadron commander, deputy commander for seniors, or deputy commander for cadets to the issue or concern immediately. 

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