How To: Get Started Flying With Civil Air Patrol

New Pilot Checklist

New Pilot Checklist (from

This is the wing’s step by step guide which outlines the path from VFR Pilot to SAR/DR Mission Pilot.


CAP Regulation 70-1 Civil Air Patrol Flight Management

This regulation governs flight management, specifically pilot qualification requirements.

VAWG Supplement 1 to CAPR 70-1

Regulations specific to Virginia Wing flight management

Note: pilots should also become familiar with CAP Regulations and Virginia Wing supplements pertaining to maintenance, reimbursement for missions, and emergency services.

Learning Management System (LMS) Required Training:

There are several training modules which are contained in e-Services. A sample of some of the required training follow (this list is not all inclusive):

CAP Test 116 General Emergency Services Questionnaire

This module is based on readings contained in CAPR 60-3 and CAPR 173-3.

CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Part 2 Questionnaire (access the Axis Learning Management System through E-Services)

This module is based on readings contained in CAPT 117, Part 2, Crew Resource Management.

LMS Introductory Communication User Training (ICUT)

This is one of the required training modules which can be accomplished via the LMS, located via eServices website.


Aircraft Ground Handling Training (Access through the Axis Learning Management System)

Required for ground and flight personnel who come in contact with aircraft or are involved in aircraft operations.

Aircrew Professionalism Commitment

Links to materials which discuss CAP Aviators and Aircrew Code of Conduct, Commitment and Discipline.

Specialty Qualification Training Records (SQTR)

SQTR Worksheet (Select Specialty)

Enter CAPID or Name and then Search > Select desired Specialty (e.g., Transport Mission Pilot, SAR-DR Mission Pilot).

When a member becomes qualified (initial) for a specialty, the initial Worksheet is archived (still available as “Current Version”). Worksheets which have tasks remaining to be accomplished to complete the members initial or advanced qualification will be displayed on the website.

Task Guides:

NESA Mission Aircrew Training Materials

There are several mission aircrew reference materials, task guides, kneeboard checklists available at this website. Detailed training requirements relating to Tasks referenced in the SQTR Worksheet are discussed in the “Task Guides”.

Mission Scanner Task Guide

This Task Guide describes the various tasks for which a Mission Scanner may be expected to be proficient. 

SAR-DR Mission Pilot Task Guide

At this time, the SAR-DR Mission Pilot Task Guide link is not working properly. It brings up the SQTR Worksheet. Use the following Task Guide for specific tasks which are contained in the applicable SQTR Worksheet:

Aircrew and Flightline Task Guide

This is a comprehensive Task Guide which covers many of the mission aircrew specialties.

Note: While the above reference materials provide background for training, task completion must still be evaluated by qualified Skills Evaluator Trainers (SET). SET members are qualified in the specialty, have time qualified in that specialty (one year) and have been approved to evaluate and submit/approve a members completion of the tasks associated with that specialty.