Pilots Making a Difference

Mission Pilot - G1000Are you a pilot who wants to use your aviation skills to make a difference in your community? CAP offers a great way to do just that.

CAP pilot opportunities:
  • Search and Rescue / Disaster Response Mission Pilot
  • Transport Mission Pilot
  • Orientation Ride Pilot
  • Instructor
  • Check Airman 

Orientation Ride

Orientation Flights

Orientation ride pilots (200 hours PIC minimum) introduce youth to aviation.
Each cadet under 18 is allocated 5 powered orientation rides in the front seat of a CAP aircraft. 

Be There for Your Neighbors

Civil Air Patrol aircrews - led by mission pilots (200 hours PIC minimum, 175 hours to start training) - support our community, state, and Nation when disaster strikes. 

Civil Air Patrol Airborne Photography

Get Intercepted - for Practice

Select Civil Air Patrol mission pilots serve the Nation in non-combat support roles, working alongside USAF and other Homeland Security forces to hone their air defense skills. 

Getting Intercepted

Interested, But Want More Information? Check out our CAP pilot brochure here.

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