Search and Rescue Exercise, March 23, 2019

Prince William Composite Squadron will be participating in the Virginia Wing-wide Search and Rescue exercise (SAREX) scheduled for March 23, 2019. How members participate will depend on your designated role in the activity. 

Mission Staff and Mission Radio Operators

Mission staff and mission radio operators will need to travel to Virginia Wing Headquarters, Chesterfield, VA. You will need to arrange this transportation on your own. Cadets who are interested in participation as mission staff (including mission radio operator), contact Lt Col Frady for details and coordination. 


Aircrew are responsible for self-organizing into crews. The availability form will allow you to add a Mission Pilot's last name, so if you already know you are part of an aircrew you can add this information here. We don't know what aircraft we'll have assigned (look for an email from 2d Lt Sommers with an update).

Ground Team Members

Lt Col Day will lead a ground team from Manassas. You can enter "Day" under Leader last name and "45038" under COV/Aircraft. Here are our estimated participation times:

0700: Meet at Operations Trailer (click here for directions)

0730: Depart Manassas with Tasking

1600: Complete Tasking 

1800: Ready for Pickup, Operations Trailer

Sometimes we return early or late: Cadets will update parents via cell phone on estimated time of arrival when enroute to Operations Trailer.


Contact Maj Carlson for details.

Ready to go?

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