Senior Members

Join a team of professional volunteers

Civil Air Patrol senior members are adult volunteers (18+) who want to use their experiences and skills to serve their community. Senior members serve as pilots, aircrew, radio operators, administrators, lawyers, public affairs officers, ground team members, and mentors for youth.

If you are a professional in almost any field, we can show you how to use your skills in a volunteer setting help provide aerospace education, emergency services, and youth leadership development.

Or, we can introduce you to activities that are totally different from your day job.

The video below provides just a quick glimpse into the significance of service to the nation that Civil Air Patrol provides.

Civil Air Patrol Photographic Assessment

What can I do with my skills?

Pilots: from mission pilots who fly sorties in support of search and rescue operations, disaster relief, or even homeland defense, Civil Air Patrol provides a way to use your professional skills – or what may be just a hobby for you now – to serve your community. When flying CAP missions, we pick up the tab for fuel and maintenance on our fleet of Cessna 182s and other single-engine aircraft. We also need Orientation Pilots who introduce our youth to the higher calling of aviation.

Aircrew: Are you a photographer or someone who is interested in helping find lost people and aircraft from the air? We can use your skill behind the camera or tactical mind as a mission aircrew member. We’ll train you and, if you’re available, we’ll send you aloft to provide eyes in the sky as part of airborne search and rescue teams, disaster-related damage assessments, or even support to law enforcement.

Emergency Services: Not all Civil Air Patrol emergency services contributions take place from the air. We need adults to serve in and supervise ground search and rescue teams, to assist in disaster relief efforts, to help staff mission bases and to help train our cadets. Use your skill with a map and compass to raise the next generation of first responders, or put your desire to be a part of the solution to work as a part of our emergency services mission.

Information Technology: Civil Air Patrol participates in Cyber Patriot (click here for more information), a middle school and high school-level computer network defense competition. This is a critical effort for our nation, as we seek to introduce young people to the potential for a challenging career in a growing field.

Marketing / Writing: We’ve been called one of the United States Air Force’s best-kept secrets. We can give you the opportunity to use your ability to make a connection with audiences to help get the word out that we’re a great way to serve the community. We need people who can make connections through print, radio, the internet, and new media. We can even train you to help manage the public information needs which arise during a disaster relief effort or lost-person search.

Youth Development: There’s nothing more rewarding than witnessing the development of our youth into confident and competent leaders. Worried that our new generations don’t know how to do anything except text each other in between video games? Do something about it by joining an organization whose youth are reaching for the stars. Be prepared to be challenged. We don’t call them kids, we call them cadets.

Parents and Guardians of Cadets: If your child is a cadet with us, you may join Civil Air Patrol as Cadet Sponsor Members. As a Cadet Sponsor Member, you’ll be able to support your cadet by acting as a chaperone or a driver during activities. For more information, please see the cadet staff. As of March 15, 2017, dues for Cadet Sponsor Members are $30 per year to join, $20 per year to renew. Cadet Sponsor Members only pay National dues, unlike other members who contribute squadron dues.

Others: Have we neglected to mention your particular skill or interest area? Why not contact us to find out how you can serve by clicking here?

For more information about the CAP adult program, visit Civil Air Patrol’s Adults FAQ page.